Architecture shapes the relationships between people and the natural environment.

As architects, we are constantly rethinking how buildings are built, used, as well as how they perform and age. When we challenge how we think about materials, sites and time, we can design enduring solutions that bring our client’s vision to life, beyond what was thought possible. We see constraints as opportunities.

We are innately curious about the world around us. Rather than following the status quo, we encourage exploration in the pursuit of more innovative design solutions. We believe in designing responsible buildings that serve, both people and the environment. Our honest approach allows us to create work that not only resonates with our clients, but strengthens our connections to the environment and one another. We have an unwavering commitment to making good work. Everything we do is thoughtfully considered to ensure that we deliver impactful solutions that go far beyond the standard.

We are inspired by the everyday, from the ground upon which we stand to the habitual ways we live and work. By juxtaposing familiar experiences, objects and places in purposeful and surprising ways, we reveal the hidden beauty of the commonplace.

We design for a better future. Where others see voids or stumbling blocks, we see opportunities to create more meaningful solutions. The results are progressive buildings that foster new forms of engagement by connecting nature, people, culture and place.

Great design requires empathy and reason, creativity and rigor—we can not achieve more by doing less. The most effortless solutions require the most effort. Our rigorous process supports a restrained design approach that amplifies our experiences of beauty in buildings, nature and each other.

We believe that great architecture questions how buildings are used, as well as how they perform and age. This drives us to confront the boundaries innate in our thinking of materials, sites and time. To create comfortable and perennial places, we must dissolve the edges between the built and natural environment, urban and rural landscapes, and past, present and future.

Christopher Patano
AIA, Studio Director
Erik Barr
AIA, Director of Practice