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Courtney Wise on September 4, 2019
Seattle, WA

Open Opportunities

EHDD (formally Patano Studio) champions a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion in our practice, and we are committed to the promotion of human and civil rights, the universal respect for human dignity, and the unbiased treatment of all persons in the work we do together. We embrace and cultivate a firm-wide culture that celebrates all people. Inspiration and empowerment through diverse inclusion are integral to our excellence and strength. Elevating diverse voices within our firm and expanding communities leads to innovation and our proven success.

Marketing Coordinator: EHDD Architecture, a national leader in architecture, design, and sustainability is seeking a Marketing Coordinator to join our firm. The ideal candidate will be passionate about design and have a proven track record of creating exceptional branded communications. At EHDD, the Marketing Coordinator should be committed to internal client service with a consistent perspective regarding external client perception of our deliverables.