Courtney Wise on May 13, 2020


Patano Studio announces the addition of multi-family and mixed-use typologies to our practice!

Our studio is currently designing two projects in West Seattle – Cali/10 is our take on the Seattle townhouse which brings the much-needed housing for the ‘missing middle’ across the city. RAGER brings an urban solution to north California Avenue.

Cali 10 – See Project

All of our multi-family and mixed-use projects are born from our nationally-recognized expertise in wood construction and mass timber planning and construction with a focus on locally-sourced materials and sustainable design solutions. We have specialized experience with modular construction with four completed projects and three more projects starting construction. Patano Studio’s sustainability expertise ranges from Build Green to Passive House – we can match the project with clients’ goals. 

Our nimble team and processes have allowed us to successfully adapt to various constraints, challenges, project types and scales. As our studio and expertise grow – our project types grow along with it. Seattle has been expanding and the need for multi-family housing has grown. Patano Studio has innovative solutions to compress housing into smaller spaces, while still maintaining our core beliefs of sustainability, smaller building footprints, and comfortable living. Creating true homes for these complex spaces calls for elevated design.  

Commitment to healthy living

Multi-family units are more than just urban spaces to live  – they hold a sense of community for families of different lifestyles and sizes. Patano designs not only to maximize functionality and livability, we design with the desire to enhance nature and occupant wellness. With a focus on sustainable and biophilic design, we produce healthy living environments while connecting the environment to nature – making the space feel like a home. 

Collaboration with innovative developers 

We design for a better future. Where others see voids or stumbling blocks, we see opportunities to create more meaningful solutions. The results are progressive buildings that foster new forms of engagement by connecting nature, people, culture and place. Our rigorous process supports a restrained design approach that amplifies our experiences of beauty in buildings, nature and each other. We are excited to take on the challenges of multi-family housing and create beautiful and meaningful spaces in our city.

Dynamic Design Process

We bring our expertise to the table and work with you as the owner to make the best decisions for the overall project success. We do not produce different models on different software platforms at different stages of the project. All of our work is on the ArchiCAD model from the initial design studies through construction documents, marketing renderings and in the field construction support details. The BIM model is the nexus of the entire project and the efficient use of time and the value of the information in the model saves the owner time and money.

ARCHICAD / BIM MODEL / BASECAMP: From the earliest days of the project our team will be able to communicate with the developer in three dimensions, provide BIMx building walkthroughs, and even, as the project progresses, virtual reality experiences of the proposed spaces and overall layout.. We can make the in-progress and milestone drawings available to anyone anywhere via online postings of the Deliverables. Basecamp, our project management website, allows all files to be posted, commented on, and tracked online in real-time. It enables the entire consultant team to communicate throughout the design and construction processes.

Current Multi-Family and Mixed-Use Projects

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