An Arena for Robotics Competitions

Chris Patano on May 22, 2013

The Discovery Center will be the regional home for robotics competitions, a science exhibit gallery, outdoor amphitheater, roof-top science deck with planted roof and support functions and a gift shop.

The overall structure of the building is comprised of 11 1/4″ SIPS wall and roof panels set on a 16′-0″ x 16′-0″ grid and supported by rough-sawn wood beams, wood trusses and wood and steel columns on concrete footings. There are two types of structure, 64′-0″ long-span wood trusses to create the Robotics Area. The remainder of the space is the 16′-0″ x 16′-0″ heavy timber grid (columns could be steel pipe rather than wood).

The glazing areas are a storefront glass system. A heavy timber frame will be developed to set the glazing system within.

The large site wall that slopes of to create the Amphitheater and Entry is cast in place concrete. The site consists of fill from the previous gravel pit and Mill operations, we know that the top 5′-0″ +/- will have to be excavated. The solution is on site storage with the creation of the Amphitheater.

There are two types of roofing. The first is a standing seam metal roof over a breathable weather-proof membrane over SIPS roof panels. The second is a built-up planted roof assembly over SIPS roof panels.

The cladding for the building is a 1×8 cedar drop siding over a breathable weather-proof membrane over SIPS wall panels.

The interior finishes for the building are rugged. Exposed structure, exposed SIPS wall and roof panels on the interior with a light white semi-transparent stain. The floors are polished concrete. Tile will be installed on the walls of the bathrooms. The offices and back of house finishes are painted GWB or exposed. The lighting will require high-bay fixtures in the Robotics Arena, track lighting with a power system on a grid in the ceiling of the Exhibit/Gallery for flexibility and general task lighting for the offices and back of house spaces. Decorative pendants and MR16 fixtures will illuminate the Lobby and Gift Shop. Exterior fixtures will illuminate the exterior of the building and the Observation/Science Deck on the Roof Level. Parking lot fixtures and a path of travel across the site are also required.

The mechanical system is a geothermal loop that is installed in an adjacent pond. This will provide heating and cooling through a radiant system in the concrete floor slab. Supplemental cooling will be provided with a natural ventilation strategy and fans at the roof. The hot water will be provided by boilers with a supplemental solar hot water system on the roof. This will be linked into the radiant system for greater efficiency.

Construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2014.