Amber Roads Trekking Cabins

Sakotne: a carbon neutral trekking cabin

The form is derived from the shape of found amber. The form is rough, angling towards the constantly shifting weather coming in from the sea. Materially, the cabin is composed of a larch shell and thatched envelope – providing both rain protection, as well as thermal insulation. The thatch is a literal interpretation of the process of finishing amber. The diagrid latticework is a play on symbolism found in Latvian mythology. The diagrid is the Latvian Sign of Well, a symbol of protection. The Plan is derived from the Sign of Mara, the symbol of water and earth. The cabin straddles the scrub brush landscape between the forests and beach. The larch and thatch will weather to a dark gray, blending into the landscape. The diagrid lattice also doubles as a place for found objects that trekkers bring with them, and a place to hang dry personal items. The cabin presents a duality that is in one moment rough, and jagged – and in the next, shaped and smooth. There are no utility services, the cabins, spaced 18 km apart as a nod to Latvian independince day, are intended solely as a minimal protective from the elements.