Barilla Pavilion


Located at the entrance to the Pedrignano Headquarters, the Barilla Pavilion’s distinctive forms welcome the visitor and create a dialogue between a contemporary architectural language and the timeless materials of the Po River Valley. Solid rammed earth walls and towers composed with transparent ribbons of scalloped glass create form and program by utilizing the in-between spaces of the geometrical investigation. The journey through the Barilla Pavilion engages the visitor with a series of ‘surprising physical, mental and sensual experiences” anchored by the critical programmatic functions.

The notion of cycles, seasons, celestial bodies rotating, inspired by the production of healthy, locally sourced food. Seasons repeat, cycles are interconnected. Within these interconnected systems magic occurs. The simple system is infinitely complex.

The geometric studies found interconnected spaces rich with potential. The major programmatic elements are linked with flowing, transparent spaces. Surprisingly tenuous yet permanent, the Barilla Pavilion stretches across the land, interior space and the landscape weave together – the connection of the visitor experience to form, style and technique is constant. Quiet spatial experiences are dispersed throughout, to contemplate art, watch wheat move in the wind, look up at the path of the sun and observe light and material interact.