Boise, ID

BSU College Of Business & Economics Proposal

Proposal for COBE

Patano Studio envisions the potential of the BSU – COBE as nothing less than an international icon placing BSU and the City of Boise at the forefront of the new economy. Our proposal takes the traditional notion of a higher education building and reconstructs what is possible – we propose that the COBE be an energy making building. The location of the site positions the COBE as the gateway to BSU and downtown Boise and metaphorically creates the opportunity to connect the College of Business and Economics with the business community, state government and the university. Our proposal builds on this metaphor and realizes the full potential of this project by positioning the COBE as the leading high performance, net-zero energy use higher education facility in the country. Our concept builds on the ‘Idaho Approach’ creating self-sustaining, practical and smart solutions that serve the people and the State of Idaho for generations to come. We see the COBE as the international model of the new business school.

Unique Opportunity for COBE

Energy Technology and research will be the new Information Technology revolution. ET is replacing IT as the economic growth engine that will constitute the next great global industry. The COBE project occurs at a unique place and time, creating a tremendous opportunity. The resetting of the financial and business sectors have placed new emphasis creating actual products based on real engineering not financial engineering. The greatest potential in realizing energy independence lies within our building practices – buildings consume more than 50% of our country’s energy. Boise and BSU are well positioned to take advantage of this unique time in history. The geothermal and solar capabilities that exist in Boise have the potential to make the COBE an energy producing facility, highlighting these new technologies and products. The COBE will be a center of innovation for Boise and the valley, and that innovation will not only take place in the conference rooms and class rooms but it will also be expressed throughout the building itself, an icon on the corner of Capitol Boulevard and University Drive, a symbol of the ingenuity and self-reliance of Idaho to the world.