Seattle, WA

CALI 8 Passivhaus Townhomes

Cali8 is an 8-unit townhouse project, located in West Seattle. The project offers family-sized units, featuring 3 bedrooms and a mezzanine that can be utilized for living or home office. The project is aiming for Passivhaus, an ultra-low energy standard. An airtight, optimized thermal envelope will keep the interior environment at a comfortable environment year-round, with very little heating or cooling needs. A Heat Recovery Ventilator provides continuous, fresh, filtered air while simultaneously extracting stale, moist air and extracting the heat for supply. The building’s compact form keeps costs down while optimizing the heat loss for meeting Passivhaus. It also reduces maintenance issues long term. All units will have west-facing roof decks. The wood rainscreen is also intended to provide a quality, low-maintenance finish.