Seattle, WA

Urban Row House

Responding to the proliferation of 4 and 6-pack developments across Seattle Patano Studio researched and developed a proposal to bring a efficient housing typology missing in Seattle – the Rowhouse. As Seattle struggles with the density that is necessary in our growing city, some simple zoning revisions would enable the Rowhouse to infill existing neighborhoods with greater density. Rowhouses add a rhythm and scale that supports community and neighborhoods. From an energy use perspective, shared walls and compact footprints reduce the heating and cooling loads on the structure. Rainwater collection and PV panels allow the buildings to even further reduce the resources necessary to support the lives of the occupants.

Patano Studio’s design features 4 bedroom with the Master Suite and deck on the upper level and three bedroom on the lower level. The entry level contains the living room, kitchen and dining room with a front entry terrace and transparency at the open ends of the structure. Depending on the site the design allows for garages with entries from a back alley. Cedar siding and exposed concrete define the urban material palette.