Seattle, WA

Gas Works Park

Patano Studio is working with Seattle Parks and Recreation to redesign the east entry sequence at Gas Works Park, Seattle’s iconic urban / industrial park. In collaboration with Walker/Macy Landscape Architects and Coffman Engineers, a new accessible route of travel is being designed to lead from the existing parking lot down to the Picnic Barn, feeding into the east pathway in the park. Reconfiguring this entry sequence opens up the opportunity to reconsider the location of the current Comfort Station – which is at the end of its useful like. Patano Studio is proposing to construct a new Comfort Station, burying it into the topography of the park, creating a new public space that echos the tank footprints that populated the site, outlining the footprint and edge of the Comfort Station with a weathered steel wall. Construction is expected to being in fall of 2016.