Kirkland, WA

Juanita Beach Park

Patano Studio is working with the Kirkland’s Parks and Community Services to design and construct a new bathhouse at Juanita Beach Park. The bathhouse project will culminate the redevelopment of Juanita Beach Park, a jewel waterfront park that highlights a string of public spaces that run along the eastern shore of Lake Washington.

The new bathhouse will contain restrooms, concessions, a lifeguard station, emergency rescue vehicle storage and paddleboard rentals. Additionally, a large pavilion will be located to the south and it will be able to accommodate groups of up to 100 people.

Conceptually the bathhouse reflects the history of the site which has been a center of activity since before the founding of Kirkland, WA. The form and scale of the bathhouse represent the logging and wood shingle mill history on site. The removal of the 1950’s era bathhouse opens the park up to the water creating a grand open space to the south of the bathhouse.