Silverdale, WA

Port of Silverdale Waterfront Center

EHDD, formally Patano Studio, teamed with Reid Middleton, Leon Environmental, Cross Engineers, Rainbow Consulting and Cumming to provide architecture and engineering services that include working with the Port of Silverdale and Kitsap County Public Works (KCPW) to bring a new public waterfront center to completion. The project program includes the following functions: 2600 SF for the boating center (sail and rowing shell watercraft storage, erg training, boat inspection and repair, sail repair, oar storage, restroom, demonstration space, and seasonal vendor area); 5200 SF for associated waterfront related facilities (classroom, meeting room, multi-use lockers, changing rooms, restrooms and showers, elevator and stair access, catering area, gear storage, and an integrated sewer pump station with public viewing deck above).

EHDD team services will also include coordinating with engineers for KCPW to integrate the county specifications for a sewer pump station to meet the needs of Kitsap County for function and accessibility and blend the pump station into the outside design of the overall structure.