Moscow, ID

University of Idaho Arena

The University of Idaho Athletic Department and Patano Studio Architecture have been working together to develop a concept for a 5,000 seat basketball and volleyball arena on the main campus. Based on the original ethos for college athletics; the design features seating close to the court, an intimate scale that provides a collegiate atmosphere for players and spectators. The 79,000 sf facility features a Performance Court with fixed seating, a Practice Gymnasium, Conference Center, Athletic Department Offices and Team Locker Rooms. The main colonnade/entrance is integrated with the Concourse that circles the Performance Court creating the social gathering space with simultaneous views of the campus and the court.

The structural concept for the Idaho Arena is a Mass Timber building that features the forest products of the state. Mass Timber structures embody carbon, utilize a regional material and feature a structurally versatile material that has significant visual impact. The Idaho Arena announces its presence on campus with a large wood and glass colonnade/entrance that is structured with massive LVL double columns, CLT roof decking over glu-lam beams. The main Performance Court space is constructed from glu-lam beams, 4 main wood trusses with CLT roof diaphragms, wall diaphragms and dimensional lumber framing. The seating configuration is cast-in-place concrete at the lower bowl and pre-cast concrete risers for the upper level seating.

The exterior skin is composed of metal panels, 18” steel fins for sun control and large glass curtain walls at the main entry space. Natural light filters into the main space through clerestories and through strategically placed skylights and glazing in the Practice Gymnasium and Conference Center.