Moscow, ID

Net-Zero Energy

Engineering Innovation Building

The Engineering Innovation Building (EIB) for the College of Engineering at the University of Idaho is a leading edge facility where students, faculty, industry leaders and the community can come together and participate in hands-on research in sustainable fuels, engines and vehicles. The facility will be a showplace for the most current research and a statement about the College of Engineering and University’s commitment to innovative sustainable design.

Through aggressive goal-setting and a highly integrated design process, the EIB will become one of only a handful of net-zero energy buildings in the United States. It will also be the first LEED-rated building on the University of Idaho campus, with an anticipated rating of LEED Platinum. These targets will be achieved through the use of a variety of systems and strategies, including photovoltaics, rainwater capture, and natural ventilation to name a few. Furthermore, the EIB may partner with the neighboring Steam Plant to install a cogeneration turbine to convert exhaust heat into electricity – producing sufficient power for not only the EIB, but a significant portion of the campus.

The building’s program – which includes a variety of research labs, offices, and student workspaces – is arranged for maximum visibility to the public. By putting the research on display, the EIB promotes its mission – to develop, refine and redefine the relationship between technology and the environment. This thought is reflected in the design of the building, and will provide a vibrant setting for the students, teachers and researchers developing the next generation of sustainable innovations